I love the relocation industry

Shelley Lloyd, MD of Celsium, gives an insight of her passion for the relocation industry.

I love this industry – despite not even knowing of its existence until my first day on the job. Why do I love it? The people, the relationships, the creativity and also being a people pleaser certainly helps as it is at the core of everything we do.

...they put their trust in us...

Since I joined the industry in 2010, I have worked with people and business across most countries and many of them I would now consider friends and respected colleagues. One thing I take a lot of pleasure in is the fact that me, Shelley Lloyd, from a council estate in Birmingham, who never did amazingly at school has gotten to where I am now by just being me (plus a huge amount of ambition, drive and working 20 hour days) - and that is why people and companies are buying into the idea of Celsium.

...working with two prestigious global brands...

I'm not one to blow my own trumpet, but the work that we have put in and the commitments we have made to the people we now work with on a daily basis has allowed us to launch Celsium and to have the industry sing our praises. Our colleagues and partners in this industry respect us; they rely on our know-how and our passion to be better and to do better so much so that they put their trust in us to support their own clients' relocation. And we couldn’t have done that without the work we have put in over the last decade to grow and build relationships in all areas of the business.

Despite many people having not heard of the relocation industry, or those that are involved at some level believing that it is complicated and laborious, Stuart and I get it. Our partnership works perfectly. Stuart has an excellent knowledge of the UK domestic market and I have a general knowledge of the rest of the world. I have relocated people and implemented contracts in countries such as Suriname, Mongolia and Botswana.

I study and, most importantly, listen to the local experts who will be delivering services on the ground, so that I can prepare my client and their employees for what to expect. I need my clients to put their faith and trust in me before they arrive in their new host location so I have a want and need to learn - and that never stops.

From a business perspective, we were under no illusion that setting up Celsium and making it work was ever going to be easy but we compliment each other perfectly to actively achieve targets, play on each other's strengths and, most importantly, fuel the hunger to succeed.

We are here to shake up the industry...

I have a drive and motivation to make this succeed, to not let any of my clients, suppliers or Stuart down. We work tirelessly to make this happen, to constantly keep up with the changes in each country, to build our portfolio of clients and grow the number of opportunities we have to work with. Stuart and I both know that to succeed, we have to keep working, growing relationships and proving to ourselves and our clients that we are the right choice.

To have the privilege of working with two prestigious global brands within the first 6 months of launching a company puts us on good grounds for how we will continue to take on new business.

We are here to shake up the industry – to remove the smoke and mirrors typically spilled out by so many of our competitors and to prove that by being unforgettable business people that Celsium will grow and be profitable and serve many more clients in the years to come.

Stuart Beaty

Celsium, Birmingham, UK