Adrenalin Rush - Windsor Obstacle Race

Our very own Shelley Lloyd is a jolly good egg - every now and again she does a bit of a run for a good cause and this weekend, Shelley took part in the "Adrenalin Rush".

Boy, did she hurt.

To you or me, "Adrenalin Rush" in the context of running sounds like a gruelling event along the lines of a triathlon, or worse. To Shelley, it sounded like a gentle jog around the town. That was what she was expecting, anyway...

Cutbacks in the make-up department were beginning to show.

However, the official website describes the event as "an urban assault course incorporating some thrilling obstacles and some daring challenges. Expect to see big climbs, water elements, slides, 10km or half marathon of running, airbags & more... so be prepared."

The Adrenaline Rush obstacle race at Dorney Lake in Eton Dorney, where the rowing events were held during the 2012 Olympic Games in London, actually turned out to be a 12k event and not a 10k event, so poor old Shelley is still feeling the burn two days on.

The obstacles included:

"I only had 2 bottles of wine last night."

  • Ramp it up - a 12ft straight wall climb
  • Trench town rock - crawl through the trenches
  • Run the gauntlet - through the ultimate pillow fight
  • You fall you fail - walk the plank and try not to look down
  • The leap of faith - 20ft free fall
  • Trapezee - it is time to join the circus...
  • A swim in Dorney Lake

Call me Mr. Boring but I'd rather light my BBQ and sit back with a bottle of beer.

So, that was the pain - where's the gain? Well, four friends raced together - Shelley Lloyd, Austin "33 and a third" Bolger, Anita Olton, and Aisha - to raise money for Cancer Research in memory of Anita's father who sadly passed away from cancer last year.

It's a great cause, so we would really appreciate it and thank you if you are able to make a donation here, please.

Next year - running of the bulls in Pamplona? Yeah, maybe not...