The big relocation secret

Every now and again we come up against queries like, "Well, I had a look online and if I book the hotel directly, I can get it a little cheaper..."

It's probably the one question that relocation companies fear the most. I always wonder why exactly relocation companies sweat so much when confronted with this question.

What have they got to hide?


Aerospace engineering

Let's get one thing straight - relocation is not rocket science. Aerospace engineering is rocket science.

With the right amount of effort, time and dedication, anybody can do relocation. Your employees could even relocate themselves if it came to that. The difference is that a relocation company has so much knowledge and experience that it makes the relocation process a whole lot easier, slicker and much more efficient than trying to do it in-house.

Outsourcing clearly has its benefits and outsourcing the relocation function is definitely no exception to this. One of the biggest advantages that outsourcing brings is access to that vast pool of knowledge and experience in a specific sector - housing, for example - not to mention the cost efficiencies.

Have you ever compared the cost of employing somebody in-house to manage the whole relocation process against the cost of using a relocation management company? That somebody might even turn into somebodies, depending on volume.

Yes, I will openly admit that some individual costs may be slightly higher from the relocation management company due to an added layer of administration (booking, processing the invoice, paying the invoice, invoicing the client) that can occasionally bump up the cost of a hotel room-there, I went and said it - but overall, using a relocation management company will be more effective, in terms of cost and efficiency, than trying to manage the process in-house.

So the answer is, yes, you probably can book that hotel room cheaper yourself, but do take into account the cost of all of the administration that goes into doing that - including setting up a corporate account with the Hilton, for example - and that all accommodation is vetted to ensure a quality experience.

That is the secret. There, I blabbed it out.


Because we have nothing to hide.


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Image by Liz Welsh

Stuart Beaty

Celsium, Birmingham, UK