6 reasons you should rent furniture

Organisations need to call upon a variety of relocation services for their employees at different stages of the relocation cycle. One such service that is often overlooked is that of furniture rental.

Let's look at the benefits of renting furniture:

1. Speed

Using a furniture rental option can give you access to a substantial inventory of furniture which means that you can furnish a property quickly, often at short notice, without the delay of waiting for the delivery of purchased furniture (which can take 6-8 weeks in some cases). If you just need items for a specific room or rooms, you can choose from pre-configured room sets.

2. Choice

Renting does not mean you have to compromise. Furniture rental companies offer a wide choice of furniture options to suit specific needs and different budgets. And this isn't just restricted to furniture, as housing packs are also available, enabling you to furnish a property right down to the last detail, including linens, gaming consoles, cutlery and crockery and even artwork.

3. Flexibility

Renting furniture offers complete flexibility, just as you have with purchasing. You have the option to add or remove items to meet specific needs during the tenancy, so if you decide that you want some more chairs to go with your dining table, this can be easily arranged.

And you don't need to take out a long lease for the furniture, with rental periods starting as short as just one month.

4. Management

What happens when items become worn or damaged? Where necessary, worn or damaged items can be easily replaced where necessary, ensuring that quality is maintained and the furniture is always fresh.

5. Cost

If your employee is awaiting their shipment to arrive, renting furniture can result in a saving over the cost of housing them in serviced accommodation until the shipment arrives. Additionally, renting furniture removes the cost of shipping furniture.

6. Cash-flow

Renting furniture frees up the company's capital as there is no large up-front cash commitment from the company. The finance teams will love that.


Celsium's specialist provider has been turning houses into homes for 30 years by supplying high quality, comfortable and stylish furniture that people enjoy living with. They offer complete home packages that include all the kitchenware, towels and linens that are needed. They deliver, unpack and put everything away, making you feel at home from the minute you walk in.

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