End of tenancy cleaning guide and checklist

If the end of your lease has come and you are ready to move out, you need to double check everything. One very important point you must look into is end of tenancy cleaning. According to official data, cleaning tasks are a leading cause for landlord and tenant disputes.

Normally you can hire a professional cleaning company for the job. That is definitely a good idea, as they will be able to utilise specialised gear and methods for the successful completion of the task. However, if for some reason you have decided to do cleaning yourself and not resort to professionals, you will do well to invest enough of your time and effort in the task, as it can make a big difference.

Follow this checklist to ensure that the place is in good condition and that your landlord doesn’t keep part of the money from your security deposit.

Kitchen cleaning

The kitchen, as one of the most visited rooms of the house, is the most likely candidate to receive a thorough cleaning service first. All cooking endeavours require constant cleaning. In case you have been negligent, chances are you will have a lot of work on your hands now. All work surfaces should be cleared of spoils and polished. Open all drawers and cupboards and clear out the items inside. Give these places a thorough cleaning afterwards. Next, check out all tile surfaces, especially the splash-back and make sure they are clean - tile and grout areas alike. Inspect all appliances and clean them - toaster, dishwasher and microwave. Don’t forget proper oven cleaning - degreasing might be required. Once you are done with all that, address the bins as well.

Bathroom cleaning

The bathroom is another room an inventory clerk will vigorously inspect. That is why it has to be impeccably clean. Start with addressing any spoils on the wall tiles. Degrease and polish them, while checking out the grout area for mould and mildew presence. Move on to the shower area - shower screen, bath, taps and fittings should all be de-scaled and polished. Don’t forget to clean the mirror as well.

Floor cleaning

This is where you need to make a research on how to properly clean certain floor surfaces if you don’t have the knowledge, because having clean floors throughout the home is very important. Although vacuuming carpets and rugs is a must, you should also look into other options, such as steam carpet cleaning to ensure that all spoils are removed and the carpeting looks immaculate. Don’t forget to clean under furniture pieces too.

Furniture cleaning

While you are at it, vacuum your furniture as well. Chances are it has accumulated a lot of dust. If there is any stain, make sure you address it with the appropriate solution. Wash all pillow covers.

Dusting throughout

Address the dust around every room. Shades, light fittings, switches, skirting, banisters and spindles, pictures, mirrors, radiators: all of these areas should be free of dust.

Clean drawers and shelves

Remove all clutter from these areas and give them a proper clean. Empty out all items before proceeding with this task.

Once you have through all of these tasks, you can rest easy knowing that the place is in top condition and that you shouldn’t have any trouble with your landlord.


If you would like any support in relation to end of tenancy procedures, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Stuart Beaty

Celsium, Birmingham, UK