What value do you place on easy communication?

Starting a new job or moving home are commonly cited as two of the most stressful events in life. Imagine doing these at the same time and in a foreign country where you have little or no understanding of the culture or day-to-day customs and habits.

This presents an enormity of potential difficulties for both HR / Global Mobility team and the employee, but what is the greatest challenge to overcome? We really wanted to get to the bottom of this so undertook some customer insight (or market research, if you prefer) to find out exactly what was going on. Time and time again, the same topic kept rearing its ugly little head: communication.

Communication for the internation

Consider this scenario: The Global Mobility team sits in Philadelphia; the employee is currently living and working in Moscow; the employee is transferring to Sydney; and the relocation company sits in the UK.

Working across multiple time zones significantly restricts the available communication window for all parties. Trying to align calendars to schedule a 0700 call for one that is actually a 2100 call for another is not without its difficulties.

Secondly, before and during the relocation, the employee is usually provided with vast amounts of information from various sources. When trying to transition their work and life to a new country there is a lot going on, these (sometimes lengthy and inconvenient) emails often sit in their in-box as non-urgent and are forgotten, lost, and in some cases just not read at all.

Our solution addresses both of these problems:

1.     We allow our clients to choose the time zones in which they would prefer us to work.

2.     We use a project management tool that allows discussion and document sharing in real time without the need for traditional email.

Goodbye email

Yes. No more trawling through thousands of emails, trying to find the one about the shipment that wasn't read as it came at a busy time and moved slowly down the list until it was out of sight and out of mind but is really important now.

All you have to do is log into our system whenever you have 5 or 10 minutes and you can find the information at your fingertips. The employee sees their own relocation and real-time communication portal and HR / Global Mobility can see all of their relocating employees at a glance. The ability to communicate with all stakeholders in the relocation process is universal.

The system is flexible, so you can configure dashboards and work streams to suit your work style and requirements. Oh, and it also comes as an app for smartphones so the whole process just got a lot easier. Access relocation any-time and anywhere.

Celsium. Making relocation easy.


About Celsium

Celsium is a global relocation management company head-quartered in the UK.

Our leadership team has over 21 years' experience of delivering employee relocation and global mobility solutions for some of the most recognised and leading organisations in the world.

Celsium has the experience and capabilities to support your key stakeholders in any country in the world.

We are committed to reducing the time and effort spent by HR teams handling relocation programmes.

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