Dubai Tenants Guide: Can you be forced to pay extra for AC?

The rights of a tenant in Dubai are well protected through the various rules and regulations announced.

However, when the ownership of the rented property changes (the apartment is sold), a tenant is unaware of his/her right.

In one case, AJ (name withheld on request), who had rented an apartment in Dubai Marina, was issued a notice by the property agent, on behalf of the new owner, seeking changes in the rent contract terms.

Dubai housing fee for expatriates

Every expatriate renting and/or owning a property in Dubai has to pay housing fee.

The housing fee is collected by Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (Dewa) on behalf of Dubai Municipality and the fee is applicable for all expatriates resident accounts in Dubai, according to Dewa.

As per directive of the government of Dubai, the housing fee is charged to an account on the basis of 5 per cent of the annual rent amount (for tenants), or 0.5 per cent of the property purchase price (for expatriate owners residing in their properties).