Enable your overseas talent to shine in the UK

For superlative immigration application processing in the UK, Celsium partners with Dearson Winyard International, the centre of excellence in UK immigration support.

Dearson Winyard International is an award winning specialist UK immigration consultancy, with a wealth of knowledge in the interpretation and implementation of the very latest UK immigration policies and practices.

Expert advisors specialise in guiding clients through the complexities of UK immigration, including:

  • Tier 2 Work Permission and Sponsor Licence Registration 

  • Overseas Entry Clearance and Visa Applications

  • Applications for Dependents and Family Migration

  • Permanent Residency and Citizenship

From initial consultation, analysis of a client’s requirements and candidate assessment, to preparation and submission of an immigration application to the UK authorities, our team is with you every step of the UK immigration journey.

Here, Rowen Edy, Senior Advisor with Dearson Winyard, gives her top five tips when making a UK immigration application.

  1. Plan ahead!

  2. Don’t make any travel plans until you have secured your visa. Remember that you will be required to provide your passport as part of the application process.

  3. Provide all the documentation required to support your application, right from the outset. This minimises the risk of any delays as your application progresses. But remember! You may be required to provide additional documentation.

  4. Application processing times are given as a guide only – an application may take longer to decide than the published UK Visas & Immigration service standards.

  5. Allow for factors outside your control, for example, overseas Embassy or Home Office application processing delays. 

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