Overseas expansion

If you are considering foreign direct investment and expanding your business into a new country, this can seem like a daunting prospect, with many unknowns and risks.

We offer a selection of services to help you overcome the hurdles and become established in the new location.

Have a scroll down the page to find out how we can help you with your expansion into new territories.

Company registration

In most locations you will be required to register your business with the local authorities. Exactly how you do this depends upon the exact location but our team of global experts guide you through the process to ensure you remain compliant, not only in terms of initial requirements but for ongoing report and notice filing obligations.

Tax registration

Each country has its own rules and regulations for dealing with corporate taxes. Our service ensures you register with the authorities at the correct time and are aware of any ongoing reporting and filing requirements.

We can support you with bookkeeping, preparation of management accounts, financial statements, auditing and ongoing compliance.


Working out how to simply pay your overseas staff can be challenging.

Our payroll team takes care of the process by paying your employees locally, ensuring compliance with local tax regulations and local employment law.

We can process salary payments, provide you with financial statements and also submit statements to the local authorities, where required.

Sourcing premises

When expanding into the UK, you will usually need one or more staff members of your "home team" to work in the UK for you and will need to provide a work base for them.

In the initial stages, shorter term serviced office space may be suitable but as you become more established you will probably want to take your own premises, whether this be purchased or leased.

Either way, we can help you source appropriate premises.

New market entry

You may be considering more than one geographical location for your expansion. You may have already selected your site.

If you require an analysis of suitable locations for your venture, we can provide a report to assist you make an informed choice.

Building a strategy for entry into a new market will allow you to evaluate the competition and the risks, and plot the right path to success. Our market analysis supports you in building a winning strategy.

Sales & marketing

If you have a sales and marketing strategy but no in-house team sufficiently skilled or experienced enough to engage the interest and sell solutions to your target audience, we can connect you with English-speaking or multilingual contact centres throughout Europe and North America.