Manufacturing & Engineering

Our team has strong experience with manufacturing & engineering companies so we fully understand the challenges you face in terms of finding skilled workers. Improved access to skilled talent through relocation programmes can help increase productivity in organisations, helping them to remain competitive. Much of this talent lies outside of the UK. We can help you efficiently transfer this expertise to your organisation.

Finance & Banking

Brexit, Brexit, Brexit. It is no secret that the loss of passporting rights would be troubling to the finance industry. The FCA said earlier this year that 5,500 UK companies rely on passporting rights. Most institutions have accepted that the UK will probably lose its financial passport and have already taken steps to identify alternative locations. Whether it be Paris, Frankfurt, Dublin, Milan or Madrid, you will need to put together a relocation package for a group move. Yes, we can help you with that.


Emerging markets have now overtaken the EU5 economies (Germany, France, Italy, the UK, and Spain) in pharmaceutical spending. These emerging markets are consequently forecasted to be important contributors to pharma sales growth over the coming years, notably in Brazil, Russia, India, China, Mexico, and Turkey. Success of failure of your assignees in these countries will depend upon the application of language training and cultural awareness programmes, particularly for market access talent.


Technology is still evolving at a phenomenal speed and in order to maintain the highly competitive pace of innovation, companies find themselves engaged in a global war for talent. How a business should manage relocation and incentive programmes must take into account country and even regional factors. We can support you with the direct and indirect mobility resources required to stay competitive and compliant as you expand internationally or into new fields.


Many oil & gas companies no longer have the talent to be sufficiently flexible and innovative in an evolving and uncertain marketplace. Now is the time to recruit new talent from pools of highly capable people from a range of global regions. For utilities, there's a distinct lack of skilled technical talent entering the industry. More engineers and scientists are urgently required to support the UK government's renewable resources targets but these skilled individuals need to be sourced from beyond our shores.



Relocation and recruitment have always gone hand in hand with each other. Where there are roles that cannot be filled due to local skills shortages, organisations must cast a wider net and seek out potential candidates in other regions - and even more commonly from overseas. We partner with recruitment companies to support their clients in attracting top talent and moving those individuals to the new work location. Don't settle for second best - invest.