Forthcoming law to restructure work visa categories in Peru

Peru recently enacted an immigration reform measure that will restructure the country’s system of work visa classifications once the regulations are published.

Under the reformed system, Peru will offer two new short-term worker visas; a Temporary Worker Resident Visa for intra-company transferees that will be valid for a non-renewable two-year period; and a separate Worker Visa (WRA) that will be available as a renewable, one-year temporary visa or a provisional two-year visa that could be converted into permanent status. Eligibility requirements for the new visas and details of the new non-compliance sanctions will be determined by the upcoming regulations.

The reforms will not take effect until 90 days after the publication of implementing regulations, leaving Peru’s current immigration system unchanged for the immediate future. The government has given no indication of when the regulations will be published.

What This Means for Employers

There will be no changes for employers under Peru’s immigration system for at least the next three months, and the full impact of the reforms will depend on the forthcoming regulations.