UAE: Streamlined UK business visa program introduced for select companies

The British Embassy in Abu Dhabi has introduced a streamlined new visa program designed to facilitate the UK business visitor visa process for eligible organizations with more than 40 employees based in the United Arab Emirates. The scheme – called Business Select - is for organizations that have operated in the United Arab Emirates for at least 18 months that send employees to the United Kingdom for business purposes on a regular basis.

Applications under the scheme are subject to reduced documentary requirements and a processing time of up to 15 business days, with the option of expedited service. Participants will be given access to a dedicated Account Manager to handle questions.

Membership in the scheme is free of charge, however it requires direct invitation.

What This Means for Employers and Foreign Nationals

Eligible companies in the UAE should benefit from the streamlined Business Select visa program. It will ease documentary requirements and facilitate business travel.