Georgia: Stricter residence permit requirements to be implemented for employers

Employers with foreign workers who require residence permits must comply with new rules regarding employment contracts and general employment terms starting November 1, 2015, according to a recently published regulation.

The regulation states that employment contracts must be written in a language that is understood by the foreign national and translated into Georgian, and must contain the foreign worker’s full name, identification or residence permit number and local address.  Lastly, the contract must state that it is governed by Georgian law and entered into only with foreign nationals legally in Georgia. 

Employers will also be required to submit information on each foreign worker to the Social Service Agency within 30 days of the signing of an employment contract.

Importantly, if an employer learns that an employee is in Georgia unlawfully - for example, if the employee remains in Georgia past the expiration date of his or her residence permit - the employee must be immediately terminated.  

Employers who do not comply with these rules may be subject to a fine.

What This Means for Foreign Nationals

Foreign workers should obtain temporary residence permits upon entry into Georgia, if required.  To avoid fines, employers should ensure that all employment contracts meet the new standards and should amend contracts that do not.