Belgium: Travel update

The Belgian government has confirmed the continuation of the increase in its national threat level to its highest level, very serious, for the Brussels region, indicating that the threat of a terrorist attack is serious and imminent. The Belgian government will review the threat level and the security measures regularly.

The Belgian authorities have advised the public to avoid places where there’s a high concentration of people including concerts, large events, stations and airports, public transport and busy shopping centres. You should follow the advice of local authorities and respect security controls. You can find more information on the Belgian Crisis Centre website and Twitter feed.

There have been police raids in the Brussels region and other Belgian cities in recent days. Belgian security operations are likely to be carried out at short notice without warning in the Brussels region, with possible interventions in other cities. If you’re in an affected area you should follow the instructions of the Belgian security authorities. Police are asking the public not to report any ongoing live operations on social media.

There’s a heavy police and military presence, including at transport hubs and public sites. For live information on the Brussels transport network, visit the STIB website or Twitter feed.

There may be disruption across the transport network. You should check local travel information for more details.

The threat level for the rest of Belgium is at ‘level 3’, a possible and real threat. You should stay vigilant in places with large groups of people and respect security controls.