Venezuela: Travel update

In 2015 there have been frequent protests in Caracas and other towns and cities across the country. Some have been in response to economic issues such as the high rate of inflation and shortages of goods in the shops. Others have been political protests. Protests about the political and economic situation are likely to continue, particularly in the run up to parliamentary elections on 6 December.

Although the majority of protests are peaceful, some have resulted in injuries or deaths. The police and National Guard are heavily armed and protests can take place or turn violent with little warning. You should avoid large public gatherings and remain alert at all times.

A heavy military and police presence is expected leading up to and including election day on 6 December and also a ban on selling alcohol. Public gatherings of more than 10 people will not be permitted.

Shops, public transport and other services will continue to operate as normal on 5 December. On election day most businesses will be closed. You should exercise caution, minimise unnecessary movements, avoid public gatherings and monitor the situation on local media.