Nehterlands: Minimum salary and Government filing fees to increase

Starting January 1, 2016, non-EEA nationals applying for work and/or residence authorization will be subject to higher minimum salary levels.

Knowledge Migrant Salary Threshold

Highly-skilled Knowledge Migrants will be subject to new minimum gross monthly salary requirements as follows (excluding holiday pay):

  • Applicants over 30: EUR 4,240 (approximately USD 4,671), up from EUR 4,189
  • Applicants under 30: EUR 3,108 (approximately USD 3,424), up from EUR 3,071.
  • Applicants who are foreign graduates of a Dutch institution of higher education or foreign graduates taking advantage of the one-year search period to secure employment: EUR 2,228  (approximately USD 2,454), up from EUR 2,201.

EU Blue Card Salary Threshold

Highly-skilled foreign workers applying for an EU Blue Card will be subject to new minimum gross monthly salary requirements as follows (excluding holiday pay):

  • EUR 4,968 (approximately USD 5,473), up from EUR 4,908.

Intra-company Transferee Work Permit Salary Threshold

The new minimum gross monthly salary requirements for intra-company transferee work permit applications are as follows:

  • EUR 4,579.20 (approximately USD 5,044), up from EUR 4,524.12.
  • For short-term Knowledge Migrants (staying for 90 days or less) assigned to an accredited sponsor and under the age of 30, EUR 3,356.64 (approximately USD 3,698), up from EUR 3,316.68. 

Increased Government Filing Fees

The Dutch Immigration Authorities’ government filing fees above EUR 40 will increase by 1.3%. Key examples of new fees include:

  • Knowledge Migrant applications: EUR 881; and
  • Registration as an accredited sponsor: EUR: 5,183.

What This Means for Employers and Foreign Nationals

Employers should ensure they comply with the new salary requirements for initial and renewal applications filed on or after January 1, 2016.

Internal policies for Dutch work and residence authorization applications are subject to change with little or no advance notice. Therefore, employers applying for Dutch residence and/or work authorization should contact their immigration professional prior to filing applications to review the new salary requirements, along with current application requirements and related processing times.