Czech Republic: Recent implementation of regulatory amendments

The Czech Republic implemented regulatory amendments on December 18 that change the deadline for Employment Card renewal applications; expand eligibility parameters for dependants of EU nationals; lengthen the validity period of long-term visas; and change eligibility criteria for permanent residence.

Deadline for Employment Card Renewal Applications

Employee Card renewal applications are now required to be filed at least 30 days before the expiration date of one’s current card. Previously, foreign nationals were permitted to file renewal applications up to 14 days prior to their card’s expiration. Additionally, renewal applications can now be submitted 120 days in advance of expiry, up from 90 days in advance.

Renewals for long-term residence permits and long-term visas can still be filed up to the last day of their stated validity.

Dependants of EU Nationals

Children of EU nationals are now eligible for dependent status in the Czech Republic up until their 21st birthday, provided they are financially dependent on the EU national. Similarly, parents of EU nationals are also now eligible for dependent status if financially dependent on the EU national. Previously, the children of EU nationals between the ages of 18 and 21 and parents of EU nationals were ineligible for dependent status.

Eligibility for Permanent Residence

Third-country nationals can become eligible for permanent residence after five years of continuous residence in the Czech Republic. Under the new rules, if an individual spends a substantial period of consecutive time abroad for business, that time will not count toward the residency requirement, nor will time spent in the Czech Republic working under foreign payroll.

There were also minor changes to Czech language exam requirements, though existing Czech language certificates remain valid.

Long-Term Visa Validity Periods

Foreign nationals are now able to request long-term visas that remain valid for travel for up to one year, up from the previous maximum of six months.

What This Means for Employers and Foreign Nationals

Foreign nationals and their employers will have to plan for Employment Card renewals further in advance to account for the earlier filing deadline. Foreign nationals considering applying for permanent residence in the Czech Republic should retain travel records to account for any time spent outside of the country.