Dominican Repuplic: Short-term work visa application process streamlined

Short-term workers under the NM1 (Business Visa for Employment Purposes) visa should benefit from shorter visa and legalization processing times and a clarified application process.  A restructuring of the visa program divides applicants into one of four new categories and implements relaxed documentary requirements, according to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website.

New Categories for Short-Term Workers

The restructured NM1 visa program divides foreign workers into four categories depending on the hiring company:

  • those hired by a private local entity (under which the localization requirement must still be met);
  • those hired by a company in the Free Trade Zone;
  • those hired by a multinational or transnational company; or
  • those hired by a public entity and/or international organization.

Documentary Requirement Changes

Additionally, most short-term workers staying in the Dominican Republic for less than one year are no longer required to present the following documents:

  • Integrated Industrial Registry (SIRLA) Certification, required by the Ministry of Labour to certify that the company complies with labour regulations (this is still required for those hired by private local entities);
  • Work contract; and
  • Apostilled and translated transfer letter.

Instead, applicants must abide by a new requirement to present a request letter issued by the home company indicating the type of work the foreign national will perform and the location of the job.  A resume and a copy of the degree are still required under the restructured program.

What This Means for Foreign Nationals

Short-term workers should benefit from shorter processing times, a clarified application process and relaxed documentary requirements.

Potential applicants should contact their immigration professional to prepare for the new application process