Taiwan: Eased requirements for foreign workers and students

A new points system effective January 1, 2016 aimed at retaining foreign workers, executives and students will remove restrictions and ease work experience requirements that are currently in place.

Eased Requirements for Foreign White-Collar Workers

White-collar workers will benefit from:

  • A lower threshold to meet educational, foreign language and experience qualifications that make up 60 points in the grading system (instead of the current requirements of at least two years of work experience and at least a monthly wage of NTD 47,971);
  • An exemption from the point system if they earn a monthly wage of at least NTD 47,971;
  • The elimination of capital and revenue restrictions for sponsoring companies; and
  • The ability for Alien Permanent Resident Certificate holders’ spouses and children to work in Taiwan as dependents.

Eased Requirements for Foreign Blue-Collar Workers

Blue-collar workers will benefit from a relaxed new points system that will allow employers to hire employees with over nine of years of experience.

Eased Requirements for Foreign Students

Foreign students will benefit from the elimination of:

  • A cap on the number of applicants;
  • The requirement of a wage threshold (it will be optional); and
  • Company capital and revenue restrictions.

What This Means for Employers and Foreign Nationals

White- and blue-collar workers and students should benefit from the new relaxed points system and should contact their immigration professional to discuss applying for work visas under the new system.