Ramadan and Eid

The Muslim World is approaching a very important time, the Month of Ramadan.

Please note the below information and how Ramadan and Eid will affect life in the Middle East and North Africa, and relocation operations.

Ramadan (Muslim's Holy month): Thursday, 18th of June 2015  - Friday 17th of July, 2014 (to be confirmed-subject to moon sighting)

Ramadan is a very important month for Muslim believers. It is a month where all Muslims fast until sunset. Ramadan will last for 30 days, based on the Arabic calendar, and will be followed by Eid, which will last about 10 days, when everything will be closed for celebration in Muslim countries.

All companies and government offices work shorter hours (10 am – 2 pm), so please expect a delay in responses. Due to the very short working days, housing appointments will be delivered in the first half of the day.  Ramadan falls during the summer again this year, with an expected temperature of 50-60 degrees Celsius, which will also make the program days shorter.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia will be affected most of all the Arab countries; from the start of Ramadan until the end of Eid Al Fitr is the Holy Visit time when about 3 million pilgrims arrive into Jeddah, making the city very congested. That is why, especially for Jeddah, we do not recommend starting programs during Ramadan.   

Eid al Fitr Holiday (Ramadan end feast): Friday, 17th of July 2015 (to be confirmed - depends on the start date of Ramadan)

Eid  may last anything from 2 to 10 days, depending on the region. The longest holidays take place in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.  All government and private offices close for this time through all the Middle East.

Hajj Season (Pilgrimage): Monday, 21st of September – Saturday, 26th of September 2015

This is the Muslim pilgrimage where over 5 million pilgrims enter the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to visit Mecca. Entering Jeddah will be extremely difficult.

No availability of permanent and temporary accommodation in Jeddah is a norm during this period.

All government establishments and some businesses in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia will be closed for 10 to 14 days.

Eid El Adha: Wednesday, 23rd of September 2015

All government and private offices in the Middle East, Arab and Gulf countries, close for 10 days for official holidays.

During Eid, no work can be performed in any Muslim countries.


Courtesy of Global Relocation Consultants in the Middle East and North Africa.