Home Searches in Italy in August

It’s that time of year again, when I need to gently remind you, that in Italy, home searches in August are almost impossible to carry out. Italy essentially goes on vacation for the month of August with owners and relators going on holiday and therefore unavailable for viewings. In the early days of August, some viewings could be possible in Milan and Rome, but after the first five or six days of the month, all home searches will more than likely need to be put on hold until early September.

Realistically, home searches can start again from about September 6th or 7th, as one will need to wait for the owners to come back into town and to be available for viewings.

Coming to do a home search in mid-August will more than likely involve sitting in a hotel and waiting for things to start up again in early September, which can be extremely frustrating and unproductive. In addition to this, utility companies and public offices also work much slower during August as they are operating with reduced staff – therefore setting up phone lines and internet service during the month of August can be excruciatingly slow!

Our local partner in Italy will remain open for the entire month of August with the exception of Friday August 14th and Monday August 17th, when they will be closed for the National Holiday of Ferragosto.

Courtesy of Principal Relocation.