New law qualifies more foreign workers for employment permits in Ireland

Effective immediately, IT and telecommunications engineers, and certain chiropractors and mobility instructors have been taken off the ineligibility list for employment permits for foreign nationals. Additionally, graphic design managers, plant hiring managers, production managers and property, housing and estate managers have been added to the ineligibility list. This change comes as a result of the implementation of the Employment Permits (Amendment) Regulations 2015.

Highly-Skilled Occupations List Amendment

The Highly-Skilled Occupations List has also been amended, with medical roles such as radiation therapist, orthotists and prosthetists added and healthcare practice managers, senior social services managers and directors removed.

New Forms May Bring Delays

A new set of standard employment permit application forms are available, which may cause processing delays as a result of potential re-applications and review delays at the immigration office after an already-backlogged summer.

Applications submitted on or after September 1, 2015 on the old forms will be sent back to the applicant with a request to complete the new forms.

Trusted Partner applications forms have not been amended.

Other Important Changes

Additionally, a P30 Revenue Commissioners form up to three months old can now be submitted in support of employment permit applications, instead of the previous rule of two months.

Foreign nationals seeking to renew their employment permits in Ireland only need a passport valid for three months past their entry date (instead of the usual twelve months). However, initial employment permit applicants are still required to have passports valid at least twelve months past their entry date. 

What This Means for Foreign Nationals

IT and telecommunications engineers and others who have been taken off the ineligibility list should benefit from the possibility of entry into the Irish work force. 

Foreign nationals should ensure their P30 form, passport and application forms comply with the rule changes, and should note that the new forms may result in processing delays.