USA: February 2016 Visa Bulletin

EB-2 India and China Final Action Dates Will Advance Next Month; Moderate Advancements for EB-3 India, China and the Philippines, and EB-5 China

According to the State Department’s February Visa Bulletin, the cut-off date for final issuance of an immigrant visa will advance by six months for EB-2 India, to August 1, 2008, and by one month for EB-2 China, to March 1, 2012. 

Cut-off dates for EB-3 professionals and skilled workers will moderately advance for India, China and the Philippines, while remaining the same for all other countries.  For EB-3 professional workers, the final issuance cut-off dates will move forward by one month for India, to June 15, 2004, by three months for China, to October 1, 2012, and by over two months for the Philippines, to January 8, 2008.  For EB-3 skilled-workers, India will progress by one month, to June 15, 2004, and China will progress by three weeks, to December 22, 2006.  

Final action cut-off dates for EB-5 China, in both the Regional Centre and non-Regional Centre programs, will advance by one week, to January 15, 2014.  

There will be no advancement in cut-off dates for eligibility to file an application for permanent residence.  Next week, USCIS is expected to determine whether it will accept adjustment of status applications from foreign nationals with a priority date that makes them eligible to file in February.  The agency has not accepted these applications in January and will announce whether it will begin doing so in February on its own Visa Bulletin web page.