Tanzania: Business visa on arrival reintroduced

The business visa on arrival has been reintroduced and allows business visitors to obtain a non-extendable 90-day business visa at the airport. 

Immigration officials at the airport retain discretion to issue a business visa on arrival, and may refer a traveller to the Labour Department if they believe that a work permit is necessary.  If this occurs, the official may issue an Ordinary Visa so the applicant can apply for a work permit in Tanzania.  The Ordinary Visa does not allow work or business activities.

Allowable Activities

Foreign nationals can conduct the following activities under the business visa for up to 90 days:

  • Providing advisory or consultation service;
  • Installation of machinery;
  • Attending board meetings;
  • Business prospecting; and
  • Conducting presentations at a local company.

Work activities cannot be conducted under the business visa on arrival.

Government Fees

The cost of the visa is USD 250 for visa nationals.  Visa-waived nationals such as those from the East African Community and Southern African Development Community will be charged USD 200 for a business pass.

What This Means for Employers and Foreign Nationals

Affected employers should contact their immigration professional to determine whether the purpose of their employees’ visit allows travel under a business visa.