Sweden: Extra administrative step to delay work permit process

Work permit applicants must now submit their employment offer letter to a local Swedish labour union for comment, which will add up to five business days to the work permit application process.


Work permit applications will now follow the below process:

  • The employment offer letter is submitted to a Swedish labour union for approval.
  • The labour union typically responds to the request within 48 hours.
  • If the labour union rejects the employment offer letter terms, the relevant terms must be changed and the letter re-submitted to the labour union. 
  • If the labour union approves the employment offer letter, the application process continues.

Previously, the Swedish Migration Board sent the employment offer letter to the labour union after an application was submitted, which could result in a delayed response from the Swedish Migration Board regarding the labour union’s decision, or a denied application if the labour union rejects the employment terms.

What This Means for Foreign Nationals

Affected work permit applicants should account for the extra administrative step now involved in their work permit applications and should work with their immigration provider to obtain the labour union’s comment.