Thailand: New immigration form requires disclosure of additional personal information

Effective immediately, foreign nationals applying for visa extensions, 90-day reports or re-entry permits at the One Stop Service Centre and Immigration Bureau must submit a new Record of Foreigner Information Form. The requirement also applies to dependants of foreign workers.

Additional Disclosure Requirements

The new form requires the following personal information from the foreign national, most of which was not previously required on other forms:

  • Overseas address and contact details;
  • Name, address and contact details of community leader/village headman (for nationals of Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar or Vietnam);
  • List of all social media used;
  • Vehicles used (car brand, model, colour and license plate number);
  • Places or premises often visited (clubs, restaurants, shops, etc.);
  • Address and phone numbers for emergency contact (in Thailand and abroad); and
  • Banking details (name, branch and account numbers).

This form must be submitted with each visa extension, 90-day report or re-entry permit application.  The government is requesting this additional information for national security reasons and to be ready to assist foreign nationals in case of emergency.

What This Means for Employers and Foreign Nationals

This new requirement is an additional documentary burden on foreign nationals, especially considering an updated form is required for each visa extension, 90-day report or re-entry permit application. Foreign nationals should provide the necessary information to their immigration professional far in advance of the form deadline to avoid processing delays.

Employers should provide additional time to process their employees’ visa extensions, 90-day reports, or re-entry permit applications.