Turkey: Short-term residence permit applicants with extended stays abroad subject to application denial

The Migration Directorate has recently started denying the short-term residence permit applications of applicants who have been outside of Turkey for more than 120 cumulative days under their most recent residence permit. Migration Directorate officers have recently started enforcing the 120-day rule, which is part of the recently-adopted rules. 
Family-based dependants under a residence permit can be away from Turkey for 180 cumulative days under this rule.

What This Means for Foreign Nationals

Since there is no warning prior to the denial of an application, residence permit applicants should work with their immigration professional to track the time they are away from Turkey under a residence permit.
If a residence permit is denied, the applicant must leave Turkey and re-enter most likely as a tourist, and then file a new residence permit application.

Stuart Beaty

Celsium, Birmingham, UK