Denmark: Electronic visa application system shutdown to cause delays

Technical problems have shut down Denmark’s electronic visa application system, according to a statement by the Ministry of Immigration, Integration and Housing, causing the following issues until further notice:

  • Visas are not being issued at Danish consular posts abroad or at the Danish Immigration Service (DIS);
  • Authorities are not able to use the Visa Information System to verify the information of travellers into and out of Denmark; and
  • Forms on the Danish Immigration Service website and the English version of the website are not currently accessible.

The VU1 application for a business visa and the VU2 application for a private visa can be found in paper form on the Danish Immigration Service’s website, but paper applications will not be processed until after the technical problems are resolved.

What This Means for Employers and Foreign Nationals

Employers and foreign nationals should be prepared for delays related to visa processing and should contact their immigration professional to discuss their options.

Travellers into and out of Denmark may be subject to added security measures since the technical problems have affected the Visa Information System.