Panama: Employers of multinational visa holders must now return identification cards


Host employers must now return SEM (Multinational) visa holders’ identification cards when notifying the immigration authorities of the end of the assignment so that the National Migration Service can cancel the foreign worker’s visa.  The deadline for notification is 20 business days from the end of the assignment.

If the employer fails to return the identification card within this time frame, the employer must submit a Certification of Migratory Movement to the National Migration Service, which adds administrative steps and expenses since it requires a power of attorney.  Additionally, this procedure merely ceases the employer’s responsibility for the foreign worker, but does not cancel the visa.

What This Means for Employers

Employers should obtain SEM visa holders’ identification cards prior to the end of the assignment so they can return the card when submitting visa cancellation documentation to the National Migration Service.

Failure to cancel a visa may subject the foreign worker to fines and/or re-entry issues.