South Africa/India: Additional documentation required for visa applications submitted to VFS in India

South Africa/India

Following the announcement that foreign nationals in India must file South African visa applications at a VFS centre, VFS is now requiring additional supporting documents for Intra-company Transfer Work Visa Permit applications.

Applications must now include the following information of the local worker included in the skills transfer plan:

  • The local worker’s certified national identification;
  • The local worker’s certified educational qualifications; and
  • The local worker’s certified resume.

VFS is also enforcing the requirement for Intra-company Transfer Work Visa Permit applications to include a certified attested copy of the identification of the signatory of the host company’s support letter.

What This Means for Employers and Foreign Nationals

Intra-company Transfer Work Visa Permit applicants must now provide additional documentation with the skills transfer plan. 

Although this requirement is currently enforced at the VFS in India, other consular posts have the discretion to request additional documentation as well.  Applicants and employers should therefore contact their immigration professional to confirm application requirements.