Sweden: Employers must include insurance certificates in some work permit applications


Following a court ruling, the Migration Board is enforcing the rule that employers must provide health, life and occupational injury insurance coverage to all employees. Therefore, new work permit applications for applicants who have worked in Sweden in the seven years and renewal work permit applications must include insurance certificates for the last seven years, even if the employee worked for other employers.

Prior to this change, the Migration Board accepted a policy number as sufficient evidence of insurance coverage.

Information Required to Prove Insurance Coverage

Employers filing the applications describe above must now include an insurance certificate from health, life and occupational injury insurance plans with the below information:

  • Name of the insurance provider;
  • Name of the employee; and
  • Date of enrolment in insurance plan.

Additional information may be required in the future, including insurance certificates for sick leave, parental leave and pension insurance.

What This Means for Employers

Employers in Sweden should ensure that they obtain the appropriate insurance certificates and include them in work permit applications.