United Arab Emirates: Mandatory health insurance required for foreign employees and dependents


The Dubai Health Authority stated, as of June 30, 2016, employers in Dubai will be required to provide health insurance for all of their employees. Employees must be covered by an acceptable insurance plan provided by a pre-approved health insurance provider, and employers will be required to provide proof of such coverage.

In addition, initial visa applications being processed from June 30th onward will need proof of insurance to accompany the application(s). If no verification of health insurance coverage is filed, processing and adjudication of the application will be delayed. Furthermore, if the applicant fails to comply with the health insurance requirement entirely, the application will be denied and/or fines may be levied.

What this means for Employers 

Finally, employers will be required to provide health insurance (at least basic coverage) for their dependent and domestic workers. Once they receive their entry permit and Emirates ID, the health insurance application process should begin as soon as possible in order to avoid any delays in the overall visa application process.