Israel: Work permit processing changes require new forms and letters


Following last December’s regulations that created different work permit schemes for expert activities that require academic qualifications and those that do not, the Work Permit Unit of the Ministry of Interior (WPU) has started implementing the requirements for work permit applications. The requirements also apply retroactively to pending work permit applications.  

Changes to the Non-Academic Work Permit Scheme

Non-academic work permit applications must now include an employee-specific affidavit (A-2 form). Additionally, the WPU will conduct a pre-screening of the application to determine whether any of the following possible requirements apply:

  • The employer must deposit 36,000 NIS per employee into a bank account;
  • The employee must open an Israeli bank account to receive their salary; and
  • An Israeli lawyer must confirm that the employment contract complies with Israeli laws and regulations.

Work Permit Extension Applications

Work permit extension applications must include a confirmation from an Israeli accountant stating that the applicant and all foreign experts who have worked in Israel for the employer for the last twelve months were paid at least double the average salary per month. 

What This Means for Employers and Foreign Nationals

Non-academic assignee's should start their work permit applications at least four months prior to their start date to account for the new review process.

Sponsoring employers should work with their immigration professional to review the need for accounting support, bank account options and Israeli lawyer services for pending and new work permit applications. Additional service fees may apply for the new processes.