Kenya/Ethiopia: Reciprocal agreement likely to relax work permit rules


Kenyan and Ethiopian leaders have agreed to remove legal hurdles that have restricted the movement of workers between the two countries. The agreement is likely to bring streamlined work permit processing and relaxed reciprocal work permit rules.

Possible Outcomes of the Agreement

As a result of this agreement, nationals of both countries will likely see the following changes:

  • Relaxed reciprocal residence rules for investors and entrepreneurs;
  • Streamlined application procedures for Kenyan companies seeking to invest in Ethiopia; and
  • Relaxed reciprocal work permit rules.

What This Means for Employers and Foreign Nationals

Employers and foreign workers should benefit from the expected relaxation of work permit rules and faster work permit processing once the agreement has been implemented. 

More information on the impact and implementation of the agreement will be reported once it is available.