Brazil: Visa processing and document legalisation to be delayed

A strike by Brazilian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) workers will result in delayed visa processing and document legalisation procedures, both in Brazil and at many consulates worldwide.

In Brazil, local document legalisation procedures and the transmission of visa pre-approvals to consular posts will be subject to delays, due to reduced personnel.

The MFA Union’s website lists the following consulates as participating in the strike:

  • Atlanta, Chicago, Hartford, and San Francisco, United States;
  • Berne and Geneva, Switzerland;
  • Berlin, Germany
  • London, England;
  • Santiago, Chile;
  • Shanghai, China;
  • Quito, Ecuador.

Overseas, it is within each individual consular post’s discretion whether to participate in the strike. Additional posts could join in the strike at any time. 

What This Means for Employers and Foreign Nationals

Immigration processing will likely remain fluid until the strike ends.  At this time, there is no indication how long the strike will last. It could expand to workers at other government agencies, though there have been no confirmed reports that this has occurred yet.

Foreign nationals and their employers should be prepared to postpone business travel and/or assignment start dates if needed.  Foreign nationals applying for visas or legalising documents are advised to confirm processing availability with the corresponding consulate.

Stuart Beaty

Celsium, Birmingham, UK