Kazakhstan: New Visa Waiver Program to be introduced January 1

Nationals of 39 countries will become eligible for a new business and tourist visa exemption for stays of up to 30 days on or after January 1, 2017, after the Government Resolution is signed by the Prime Minister.

Nationals of the following countries will be eligible for the exemption:

  • Australia;

  • Austria;

  • Belgium;

  • Canada;

  • Chile;

  • Czech Republic;

  • Denmark;

  • Estonia;

  • Finland;

  • France;

  • Germany;

  • Greece;

  • Hungary;

  • Iceland;

  • Ireland;

  • Israel;

  • Italy;

  • Japan;

  • Latvia;

  • Luxembourg;

  • Malaysia;

  • Mexico;

  • Monaco;

  • Netherlands;

  • New Zealand;

  • Norway;

  • Poland;

  • Portugal;

  • Singapore;

  • Slovakia;

  • Slovenia;

  • South Korea;

  • Spain;

  • Sweden;

  • Switzerland;

  • Turkey;

  • United Arab Emirates;

  • United Kingdom; and

  • United States.

The new exemption will replace the existing exemption for nationals in the above group who are currently visa exempt for stays of up to 15 days.

Passport registration with the Migration Police – which is usually required for all foreign nationals within five days of arrival – will not be required if the foreign national obtains two stamps in his or her migration card upon arrival.

What This Means for Foreign Nationals

Foreign nationals should contact their immigration professional if they plan to enter Kazakhstan for business on or after January 1, 2017 to ensure the Government Resolution is signed by the Prime Minister.

Stuart Beaty

Celsium, Birmingham, UK