Kuwait: New online visa-on-arrival system goes live

The Kuwaiti Minister of the Interior (MOI) announced this month that a new online e-visa service is now up and running.

The new service is available to nationals of the five other Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf (GCC) countries and nationals of an additional 52 countries travelling to Kuwait. Additionally, the new service gives members of 14 designated professions special considerations, such as visas for spouses, children, and household workers.

Under the new electronic system, the applicant submits the application online and receives a return email with a visa reference number when the visa is granted. The applicant then gives the reference number to the visa officer at the port of entry into Kuwait and receives a hard-copy of the visa.

The new system is networked into the MOI database so that any criminal background or other security issues can be discovered immediately upon online application submission. In most cases, the applicant receives the visa reference number or decision on their application within 24 hours. The aim is to eliminate the occasional difficulty some travellers have experienced in arriving at the airport in Kuwait only to find that they are denied a visa-on-arrival because of some issue with their background check.