UK: Mayor lobbies for separate London work permits

The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, has spoken of plans to create a separate work permit system for London after Britain leaves the EU.

Mr Khan told Sky News this week that a group of business representatives were looking to create “a model that will ensure we can carry on recruiting and attracting talent”.

"We are talking to business leaders, businesses, business representatives,” he said, “to see what we can do to make sure London doesn't lose out on the talent, the innovation, the partnership that has let us be the greatest city in the world.”

The June vote for the UK to leave the EU has prompted fears that significant amounts of highly skilled workers will depart the capital.

As uncertainty continues as to when the government will trigger Article 50, many businesses with links to London have not said definitively what action they will take after Brexit. 

Mr Khan said of the plans: "The good news is the Government gets it. The good news is in all the conversations I've had with members of the Government, from the Chancellor to the Brexit Secretary to the Foreign Secretary and others in Government, I think they get it.”

He added that he would be meeting with Prime Minister Theresa May soon to discuss London’s stake in any Brexit deal.