Belgium: New minimum salary levels announced for Brussels, Flanders and Wallonia

On January 1, 2017, the minimum base salary for several work permit categories will increase in Brussels, Flanders and Wallonia.

• The minimum base salary for highly-skilled foreign workers applying for Type "B" work permits will increase to EUR 40,124 annually, up from EUR 39,824.

• The minimum base salary for senior management and executives will increase to EUR 66,942, up from EUR 66,442.

• The minimum base salary for EU Blue Card holders will increase to EUR 51,882, up from EUR 51,484.

Belgium: Integration statement to be required for non-EU nationals

Non-EU nationals staying in Belgium for more than three months will be required to submit a signed statement promising to integrate into Belgian society and to respect Belgian laws and values.  The signed statement will have to be submitted with the visa application at the Belgian consular post, or at the local Belgian town hall when the residence registration process is started.  The rule is expected to be implemented during the summer of 2016.

Belgium: Important information for employers following Brussels terror attack

Following the terror attacks in Brussels, employers with foreign employees in Belgium should be mindful of the following:

  • Ensure that all employees -  both Belgian and foreign nationals - carry proper documentation when travelling;         
  • Once Zaventem-Brussels International Airport and other transportation hubs reopen, employees traveling through Belgium should be prepared for close scrutiny and delays; 
  • Belgian government offices are closed and many services are suspended in the wake of the attacks.  The suspension of Belgian postal services could delay the delivery of both Belgian and Dutch immigration documents.  As a result, foreign employees awaiting the approval of applications for extensions of stay and work authorization may experience delays.  Contact your designated Fragomen professional to discuss the impact of these delays on the immigration status and work authorization of foreign employees in Belgium and the Netherlands.

Belgium: Information technology sector facing increased inspections

The labour inspectorate has increased both announced and unannounced inspections of Belgian companies that employ foreign nationals in information technology positions. The focus has been on companies that may have hired Indian nationals to replace local workers.

Employers, contractors and subcontractors should expect checks for the following information, among other documentation, during an inspection:

Belgium: New minimum salary levels announced for Brussels and Flemish regions

Effective January 1, 2016, the minimum base salary for several work permit categories will increase. Regional authorities for Brussels and Flanders have provided unofficial salary figures for 2016, but authorities for Wallonia have yet to do so. Until the 2016 salary thresholds are published officially, they remain subject to change.

Belgium: Travel update

The Belgian government has confirmed the continuation of the increase in its national threat level to its highest level, very serious, for the Brussels region, indicating that the threat of a terrorist attack is serious and imminent. The Belgian government will review the threat level and the security measures regularly.