Our partners are critical to successful employee relocation. That is why our selection process is so robust.

Here at Celsium Powered by Brunel, we really cannot do our job without the support of our partner network. The trust in and success of our relationships is of paramount importance to our company. Our aim is to strengthen our service provisions throughout the world by sourcing the right partners to support our clients and their employees, wherever they may choose to relocate. 

Shelley Lloyd, our CEO, comments, "I want Celsium to offer a consistent, compliant, cost-effective employee relocation service on a global basis. We can only achieve this by carefully selecting the right partners and consultants in the right locations who mirror our working practices of showing our clients and their employees respect and empathy, whilst working with integrity."

Our preference is to work with local, on the ground consultants who are trained to our specific criteria and have an excellent knowledge of their country, giving Celsium the control to deliver excellent customer service without compromise. 

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