International relocation services


We manage international relocation through our network of 109 owned physical offices and qualified local relocation consultants in 165 countries.

Our experts support your employees through every step of the global mobility process, using a transparent cloud-based relocation management tool.

Choose from a full suite of domestic relocation and destination services for all move types to and within the United Kingdom.

If you need to undertake a group move, we provide a bundle of services to support you in completing the project as planned.


We want your employee to be settled in at the new location with minimum delay and stress. An experienced Move Manager will plan the schedule and assist your employee in all aspects of the removal in order to provide a stress-free relocation. The whole process will be overseen by a dedicated Celsium Powered by Brunel Personal Coordinator. 

Our partner has the resources to ship household goods door-to-door (including cars, boats, motorcycles, pets etc.), to any part of the world, no matter how remote.


We manage the entire immigration process for each host destination to ensure that all parties are aware of the process, anticipated time-scales, lists of required documentation and responsibilities in advance of initiation.

Celsium Powered by Brunel provides regular communication with all client co-ordinators to provide updates and pro-actively advise of any issues or delays.  

Cost analysis

We understand that mobility programmes can be a potentially costly area for organisations, particularly when cross-border moves are involved.

We help you prepare and budget for your global mobility programmes by providing cost estimates and cost projections for any scenarios that you require.

Cost analysis is beneficial when you are communicating with finance teams and budget holders and can help you fine-tune your relocation policy.


Our expatriate tax team can assist with a wide range of complex tax and social security issues for both companies and their employees, globally.

We provide tax and social security compliance advice for international assignees as well as planning advice to make international assignments more effective.

Available support includes but is not limited to:

UK departure or arrival meetings with international assignees

Preparation of UK tax returns

Social security planning and compliance

International assignee policy development

International assignee process and cost reviews

International assignee co-ordination and administration

Withholding issues for international assignees

Payroll & HR

The administration that comes from handling either domestic or international relocation can be overwhelming for an organisation. HR departments are often stretched to capacity and relocation doesn't always fit very comfortably into the HR peg board - it is often the square peg trying to fit the round hole.

We understand that this can be a challenge for organisations so we offer a range of HR support functions and ad-hoc support that frees up valuable time for HR.

If you are relocating employees internationally but do not have a payroll function in the destination location, we can support you with this. Our team will register an entity with the local authorities (if required), set up and administer payroll processing at your required frequency, and manage and submit the reporting for compliance and year-end administration.

Payroll requirements vary depending in which country you wish payroll to operate, so please get in touch for more detailed information.


We can undertake any type of relocation consultancy or research work on your behalf. One of the most common areas is that of policy building and benchmarking.

If you do not have a relocation policy, we can help you create one. If you would like us to benchmark an existing policy, we can research this for you. 

To ensure your organisation is pitching its policy at the right level in the current market, we work closely with your HR team to gather the necessary information before conducting a benchmarking exercise and providing comments and suggestions, taking into account company culture and any financial controls in place.

You may wish to review your policy as part of a cost reduction programme, to ensure you have a similar offering to your competitors, or even to enhance it to attract better candidates – whatever the reason, and whatever the policy, whether it be domestic, long-term assignment, local hire, or permanent international relocation, our experienced team is ready to support you.


We can help you reduce the overall cost of hire by finding the most qualified international candidates for your organisation.

Brunel is a global leader in international staffing and international recruiting.

We also have a strategic partnership with a global payroll outsourcing firm that will administer payroll, tax, compliance, and currency in over 150 countries.