Celsium Powered by Brunel is an employee relocation company with its headquarters in the UK. We provide end-to-end global mobility solutions via our network of 98 owned physical offices and extensive partner network. 

We offer a full suite of relocation services and business support services to fulfil the requirements of both the organisation and relocating employees: orientation, home search, tenancy management, departure services, temporary accommodation, marketing assistance, purchase assistance, housing cost differentials, school search, area information guides, cultural training, language training, furniture and appliance rental, immigration, moving, expense management, group move management, policy build and benchmark, global payroll, HR support, recruitment and tax services.

We deliver our relocation services through 98 owned physical offices worldwide and an extensive network of carefully sourced and qualified consultants - the local experts - all managed by our Personal Coordinators in the UK. No matter where you are relocating to in the world, our expert team will guide you through every step of the process.

Our market research tells us that the biggest challenge when delivering employee relocation services is communication, Celsium lets you choose the hours and time zones in which you would prefer us to operate. Standard office hours do not work for relocation.

Our Personal Coordinators use the most up-to-date cloud-based relocation management software to store all client information, contacts, milestone information, documents and communications in one central location, ensuring that our relocation services are delivered in the right place at the right time.

Our relocation management system allows us to design and build our own work-flows based on your specific requirements, maintaining consistency of service delivery and policy compliance. Additionally, the system allows us to provide a collaborative platform where stakeholders can communicate freely with each other at any time. The benefit for HR departments is that you can access key information against your relocating employees, communicate in real-time, and share progress.

Celsium Powered by Brunel. Making relocation easy.