Employee relocation just got easier

Celsium Powered by Brunel represents a change in the employee relocation industry. Here are a few attributes that we think set us apart from other relocation companies:

  • We offer a complete outsourced relocation solution

  • We allow you to choose the time zones in which you need us to operate

  • We have 98 owned physical offices worldwide

  • We provide a tailored, consultative approach

  • We are trusted by our supply chain to deliver services to their clients

  • We embrace modern technology and all of our systems are cloud-based

  • We are completely transparent and open to how we operate

  • We endorse flexibility and work-life balance for our employees

Here at Celsium Powered by Brunel, we take the customer journey very seriously indeed. Our approach is very "hands on" and flexible when dealing with our clients and customers. The benefit of this is that we can offer a highly personalised service to all of our clients and can react quickly to situations. If you need us to provide a non-standard service or go another extra mile, we are happy to do what is necessary to ensure a successful relocation.

Each individual relocating employee has a unique set of requirements and circumstances. Celsium assigns a dedicated, single point of coordination, a Personal Coordinator, to guide and support your employees through every step of the process until they are happily settled in their new location.

The Personal Coordinator, supported by a member of the management team, also serves as a day-to-day contact working alongside your HR department or global mobility team, providing guidance and management information to help you achieve your targets and manage your relocations and international assignments with confidence.

We are committed to reducing the time and effort spent by HR teams handling relocation programmes.

Celsium Powered by Brunel. Making relocation easy.