Assumptions and managing expectations

Well, the votes have been cast and counted and the results are in. The UK has woken up scratching its collective head at what has probably been the most unusual and surprising election campaign in our history. I suppose we must congratulate the winners, particularly the SNP in Scotland where the voting sentiment has been particularly decisive. Milliband is a crushed man, Clegg is nowhere to be seen, Farage is probably in the pub, and Cameron is an adrenalin pumped cat with nine lives. I just hope the Queen remembers to order enough cucumber sandwiches as she unexpectedly makes her way to Buckingham Palace from Windsor Castle. 

So, what is the lesson in all this? Never make assumptions. My dear mum used to say, "Never assume; it makes an ass out of (yo)u and me." I've lost count of how many times she said that over the years, but I learnt to deal with facts, and this is never more important than when somebody is relocating.

Relocation can be difficult and stressful, which is where a relocation management company shows its real strength, but every relocation is unique and every relocating employee has his or her own set of specific requirements. It is our job to extract the relevant information so that we can understand these requirements, understand the sentiments of the relocating family, and then provide appropriate support, both in terms of the relocation services we offer, as well as the emotional comfort we lend our customers. And we do this by asking the right questions right at the start of the process, and recruiting excellent people who engage with our core values of respect, integrity and empathy.