Botswana: Work permit documentation requirements restricted

Immigration authorities in Botswana have implemented stricter work permit documentary requirements, effective immediately.

Long-Term and Short-Term Work Permit Requirements

The new rules that apply to long-term and short-term work permits are as follows:

  • Supporting documents must be certified in the country of origin by a notary public or commissioner of oath. If the applicant is in Botswana, the applicant can apply for certification at the embassy of the country of origin;

  • Copies of applicable licenses (for trading, mining, etc.) must be attached to each application;

  • Where a contract exists between a resident company or

Bostwana: Short-term work permit program moratorium ends

Foreign nationals seeking to visit Botswana for short-term work can now again apply for a short-term work permit, following the temporary moratorium of the short-term work permit program last December. 

Botswana: Government imposes moratorium on Short-Term Work Permits

Foreign nationals are no longer able to apply for Short-Term Work Permits (STWP) in Botswana, following the government’s release of a temporary moratorium on the issuance of these permits. The moratorium follows allegations of abuse of the STWP program.

The moratorium will remain in place until immigration officials release new STWP processing guidelines that address the alleged abuse. Until that time, all foreign nationals seeking to work in Botswana, even if for a period shorter than 90 days, will be required to obtain long-term work permits prior to travel.