Tanzania: Long-term residents must register by November 2

Work permit holders and their children over the age of 18 whose stay in Tanzania will be more than six months must register for an identification card by November 2, 2016, according to an announcement by the National Identification Authority (NIDA). Residents who enter Tanzania after November 2 will be required to register as part of the Long-Term Work Permit application process.

Those that fail to register may face a fine and/or imprisonment.

Tanzania: Business visa on arrival reintroduced

The business visa on arrival has been reintroduced and allows business visitors to obtain a non-extendable 90-day business visa at the airport. 

Immigration officials at the airport retain discretion to issue a business visa on arrival, and may refer a traveller to the Labour Department if they believe that a work permit is necessary.  If this occurs, the official may issue an Ordinary Visa so the applicant can apply for a work permit in Tanzania.  The Ordinary Visa does not allow work or business activities

Tanzania: Travel update

Presidential, parliamentary and local elections took place on 25 October. There may be heightened tension and unrest after the elections particularly in towns and cities on the mainland and Zanzibar.

Large crowds are gathering in Stone Town and tear gas has been used. If you’re in Stone Town, stay in a safe location (hotel or home) and avoid being out on the streets. Avoid travelling into the centre of Stone Town if possible.