Luxembourg: EU Intra-company Transferee Work Permit Forthcoming

To comply with the EU Directive on intra-company transferees (ICTs), a proposed law that is set to be implemented in the coming weeks will introduce the new EU ICT Work Permit for non-EU foreign qualified managers and specialists and graduate trainees with at least a Master’s degree sent from a company outside the European Union to an entity in the same corporate group in Luxembourg for a period of more than 90 days.

Luxembourg: Minimum salary increased for several work permit categories

Highly-skilled foreign workers must now earn at least EUR 73,296 per year to qualify for Luxembourg’s Blue Card program. The minimum salary for other local hires and temporary intra-company transferees remains EUR 2,307.56 per month.

Luxembourg: Relaxed citizenship eligibility rules proposed

A proposed law would ease naturalization eligibility rules from seven years of residency to five years and would reduce the requisite language test score. More foreign workers in Luxembourg stand to benefit from the proposed law since citizenship allows work without a work permit.