Thailand: One Stop Service Centre Visa Renewal Applications to Require 2016 Income Tax Form Starting February 1

On or after February 1, 2017, the One Stop Service Centre will only accept Personal Income Tax Return for 2016 (PND 91) to support long-term visa renewal applications.

Applicants may still use their 2015 PND 91 to support applications until February 1.

These changes do not apply to employees of companies registered under the Board of Investments.

Thailand: Stricter requirements for Long-Term Visa applicants

Effective immediately, Long-Term Visa applicants and their dependents filing new and renewal visa applications at the One Stop Service Center (OSSC) must personally appear before the authorities during two new points of the visa application process, which can take up to four hours per visit.

A personal appearance is now required during the following steps:

To obtain the queue number that starts the application process; and

After the application is reviewed, to meet with the Head of the Visa Section to sign the visa approval.

Thailand: Marriage and birth certificates from 21 countries now require legalisation

Foreign nationals from the following 21 countries applying for initial and renewal long-term dependent visas for their families at the One Stop Service Center (OSSC) must legalize their marriage and birth certificates:

To avoid delays, employers applying for long-stay visas at the OSSC should ensure that dependents of foreign employees from any of the above countries have their marriage and birth certificates officially legalized far prior to submission of their dependent visa applications. Fragomen can assist with legalization and translation services.

Thailand: Shorter processing times for regular work permit applications


Work Permit applicants with pre-work permit approval letters will see a reduced processing time of three to four business days instead of the current three to seven business day time frame. 

Thailand: New immigration form requires disclosure of additional personal information

Effective immediately, foreign nationals applying for visa extensions, 90-day reports or re-entry permits at the One Stop Service Centre and Immigration Bureau must submit a new Record of Foreigner Information Form. The requirement also applies to dependants of foreign workers.

Thailand: Visa overstayers subject to re-entry bans

The Ministry of Interior has implemented stricter penalties including re-entry bans and random passport checks for foreign nationals who overstay their allowable visa stay period, effective immediately.  The period of the ban will depend on whether the foreign national appears at an immigration checkpoint or if the police apprehend the foreign national.