UK: Registered Traveller service expanded

The Home Office has announced the expansion of the Registered Traveller service to eligible foreign nationals from Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea and Taiwan. Additionally, Registered Traveller members will be able to use ePassport Gates and EU/UK lanes at Bristol and Cardiff Airports in the coming months.  


The Registered Traveller service was introduced in April 2015 to travellers from Australia, Canada, Japan, New Zealand, and the United States who hold a UK visa or have visited the United Kingdom at least four times in the previous two years.

Applications are submitted online and once accepted, travellers with biometric passports can use ePassport Gates and EU/UK lanes at Eurostar terminals at Paris, Brussels and Lille and the following airports

Taiwan: Eased qualifications and criteria proposed for skilled foreign workers

As a follow-up to its plans to introduce a new points system last year, the Ministry of Labor (MOL) has proposed to ease the qualifications and criteria for hiring foreign nationals to provide more options for sponsors to recruit qualified white-collar foreign workers.

Employers would be able to utilize the proposed or existing application scheme when applying for a work permit, depending on the worker’s qualifications and technical skills.

Taiwan: Electronic visa application system launched

Visa Information

The eVisa offers an unextendable 30-day single-entry stay. Aside from tourism and business visitors, eligible visiting relatives and international conference or sporting event attendees can also utilize the eVisa system.  The eVisa is expected to be processed within one to two days.

The eVisa may not be used for Alien Resident Certificate applicants in Taiwan.

Taiwan: Mandatory online work permit application system to open January 2016

Employers applying for work permits through the Workforce Development Agency (WDA) must set up an account online and use a mandatory online work permit application system starting January 2016. Hard copies will still be accepted during a transitional period until further notice from the WDA. 

What This Means for Employers and Foreign Nationals

Employers should contact their immigration professional to provide an access code to allow them to act as an authorized agent. 

The user manual for the new system is available here.

Taiwan: Eased requirements for foreign workers and students

A new points system effective January 1, 2016 aimed at retaining foreign workers, executives and students will remove restrictions and ease work experience requirements that are currently in place.