Dominican Republic: Visa suspension lifted

Following the suspension of the issuance of all visas due to a Ministry of Foreign Affairs decree, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has lifted the suspension.

Travellers should expect visa processing delays, as all visas must be approved internally by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs before the corresponding consulate may grant the visa.  The extent of the delays is not known.

Dominican Republic: Issue of all visas suspended until further notice

The Dominican Republic has suspended the issuance of all visas, due to a Ministry of Foreign Affairs decree that was issued shortly after the appointment of a new Minister.  Business and work visas will not be issued by Dominican consulates abroad until the Ministry lifts the suspension – the timing of which is unknown. The suspension applies to both new and pending visa applications.

A visa is required for anyone seeking to enter Dominican Republic for business or work.

Dominican Republic: Expedited residence permit processing option to be introduced

On May 1, 2016, the Dominican Republic introduced an expedited processing option for the Residence Permit application, which will reduce the current processing time of four to six months to 40 business days.

The fee for the expedited service will be 5,000 Dominican pesos (approximately USD 108).

Dominican Republic: Business visitors and tourists subject to exit fee for extended stays

Holders of single-entry (NS) and multiple-entry (NM) business visas, the Business Visa for Employment Purposes (NM1) and tourists who extend their stays beyond 30 days are now subject to an exit fee at the port of exit when departing the Dominican Republic. Residence Permit holders are exempt from the exit fee. 

Dominican Repuplic: Short-term work visa application process streamlined

Short-term workers under the NM1 (Business Visa for Employment Purposes) visa should benefit from shorter visa and legalization processing times and a clarified application process.  A restructuring of the visa program divides applicants into one of four new categories and implements relaxed documentary requirements, according to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website.